Basic Soup Stock

A good homemade soup stock is vital to good cooking, you can of course use canned stock but, some dishes just scream out for a homemade stock.
1 chicken 2-3 lbs
3 cups water
1 large onion quartered
2 cardamom seeds*
2 mastic*
1 bay leaf
1 large tomato quartered
Salt and pepper to taste
Thoroughly rinse and clean chicken inside and out with 2 tbsp of salt, rinse well and drain in colander.
In large pot place chicken, onion and water bring to a boil for about 3 to 4 minutes.  Be sure to remove scum as it forms.
Add cardamom seeds, mastic, bay leaf, tomato and salt and pepper and bring back to a boil, then simmer for 45 min's.  Add water as necessary while cooking.
Once you have a nice rich stock, remove the chicken and strain soup through a much sieve and add to any of your recipes.  The stock also freezes very well.
Note, you may use the above instructions for beef stock (7 bone cut is a very good one for stock).
The chicken at this point can be finished by rubbing the entire bird with oil and the juice of ½ a large lemon, place in oven @350 until golden brown.  This makes a lovely and delicious chicken.
*both easily found in Middle Eastern grocers.




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