Peter's Japanese mushrooms with peppercorn.  This is my kind of dish!


stir fried dish with a dominant sweet soy background and a lot of heat.

Serves 6

You need: 
an assortment of mushrooms of the more "meaty" texture such as Japanese, bhutnaese etc, pigs ears mushrooms and similar funghi. 
Good quality Soy sauce 
Chillie ( tend to use phrig ki nu) Thai chillies. section lengthwise 
Green peppercorns on the stalk,* 
Snow peas, 
julienne carrot, 
sectioned pieces of onion. 
any other easily stir fired veg, 
A dash of oil into a pan or wok 
stir fry the onions, garlic and chillies a couple of minutes until barely translucent over a high, high flame. (the fumes should cause you to choke seriously) 
add the other veges.  stir fry a minute. 
add teaspoon of soy sauce, peppercorns, a generous tablespoon of sugar, A dash of water.  Reduce until only a small amount of sauce. Maybe a minute.  Pour onto serving plate. 

Always great with rice and a liter of iced water and fresh cucumber pieces

Thanks Peter, this is one I'm definitely trying out!

*I had questions regarding 1 of Peters main ingredients "Green Peppercorn on Stalk" (thought I'd seen every ingredient there is, guess not!)  Here is Peters response and additional tip!

Hi Rizan, 
Green peppercorns are simply the unripened peppercorns while still green. If you can locate a grower I’m sure that they will give you some. Otherwise the second best call would be dried green peppercorns. They probably will be removed from the stalk or stem. The flavour of the green peppercorn is quite different. It has less heat but a huge amount of flavour. I know that you can get dried green peppercorns in Asian delicatessens. If you have a problem I’m sure you could ask a Thai restaurant to give you some or at least advise you of their supply. 
Another option that I didn’t mention and in fact is superior to the method I gave you is rather than using Soy sauce use Oyster Sauce. This will cut down on the saltiness and bitterness of the Soy considerably and in fact is a far more delicate flavour that allows more of the fungi flavours to come through. I’ve had it made both ways and I do prefer the Oyster sauce in preference to the Soy sauce. 
Food is such a great topic isn’t it? It’s always interesting, rarely causes arguments and always appreciated. I think politicians and lawyers should first become cooks and chefs ! 
I hope this is of some help to you Rizan, 






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