Makdous fattah (eggplant and flat bread in yoghurt sauce)
This recipe is courtesy of my cousin sohaila, thanks soha!  

Makdous means eggplant in the syrian language.

Half a kilo of minced meat
half a wrap of goulash (lavosh/flat bread)
one kilo eggplant
6 cups of yogurt
one green pepper
one large onion
one garlic
oil for frying
salt and pepper
walnuts or pecan chopped

the eggplant is peeled and cut into one inch cubes and fried in hot oil and put on kitchen paper to remove extra oil.
Goulash is cut into squares and brushed with oil and placed in oven till it turns becomes red brown.
Make yogurt salad: 6 yogurt cups with salt and minced garlic.

The minced meat is cooked into (assag) as such;

one large onion is shredded in the blender to small pieces and stirred with oil on the stove,
then one minced garlic is also added, then you add one green pepper chopped. Add the minced meat to cook.
Stir, and when cooked, add salt and pepper.

minced meat cooked into (assag) is placed in the serving dish. Scatter the fried eggplant over the assag.    
Scatter the walnut or pecan and the raisins, then spread the goulash after cooling down from the oven.
Spread the yogurt to cover everything.  Scatter some walnut or pecan over yogurt for decoration.
Tips for makdous fattah:
1) before serving, immediately reheat the cooked minced meat (assag) while adding the
fried eggplant cubes for a few minutes. Makes it taste juicier.
2) divide goulash in two layers while serving. One underneath the assag and another on top of it.
Then cover with yogurt and sprinkle with pecan.

Bon appetit!!!! 

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