Khao niaw mamuang/Rice with Mango's and Coconut Cream - Courtesy of Peter

This is a desert not to be missed. Once again a very simple dish with minimal ingredients and 99% enjoyment factor.  
Glutinous rice (so called sticky-rice)  
Coconut cream
Sugar (+/-)  
Glutinous rice should be soaked over-night in cold water.  
Drain the water and steam the wet-rice. (the method here would be up to your ingenuity. In SE Asia they use a wide-mouthed pot and insert a reed basket which looks something like a witches hat filled with the pre-soaked rice.  
Steam the rice for 30 minutes and turn it once or twice during the process.  
Allow the rice to cool to room temp in a cloth covered receptacle. (the rice will be OK for approx 8 hours)  
Simply peel the mango and score, almost through, in diagonal segments.  
Mix a little coconut cream with the rice and place on the bottom of an individual serving dish. (You may add some sugar to the coconut-cream but I think this would depend on the sweetness of the mango)  
Lay the peeled pitted mango over the rice bed and serve.

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