Kai taldiow (eggs single sugar palm tree)  
I love eggs in all forms and this recipe really sounds good, thanks peter!  Not sure about the name of the recipe!
Allow one egg per person
hard boil the eggs. Cool and shell them.  Make sure the peeled surface is dry. 
Deep fry each egg for a minute or so, this changes the texture of the surface and makes the egg slightly more robust, remove and cool the eggs. 
Prepare a few garlic cloves by peeling and separating the cloves, deep fry the cloves until almost dry. 
Take some fresh roasted peanuts and chop them with a food processor or a pestle and mortar until moderately coarse-fine. 
Place the eggs into a small bag, large enough to invert the contents to allow some mixing and coating of the egg. 
Add a few spoonfuls of the ground peanuts
add a teaspoon or so of the deep fried garlic. 
Pour in some commercial Thai sweet chilie sauce ( the kind that's semi transparent and the chillier flakes are seen dispersed through out) 
a liberal shake of freshly ground peppercorns 
a liberal shake of dark soy sauce upend the bag a few times to mix the dry ingredients with the sauce.  Tip into a serving bowl  
i had this as a stand alone dish but was thinking that it would go well with a salad, a barbecue, fried fish dish or with toast. 

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